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Ukraininan Independence Day celebration in York
Our Mission

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The York Ukrainian Society is a vibrant community organization with a multifaceted purpose. Our primary mission is to support and enrich the Ukrainian community in York through various means. We foster community interaction by creating opportunities for social gatherings and promoting cultural celebrations and events, allowing members to come together and celebrate their heritage. We are dedicated to celebrating Ukrainian culture, traditions, and heritage, showcasing customs and traditions, and preserving this rich cultural legacy for future generations. Language practice is another cornerstone of our society, where we facilitate language learning and promote linguistic diversity within the community. In addition, we provide a supportive and friendly environment that encourages members to share their experiences. Beyond our community, we extend our support by assisting members in adapting to the local culture and building bridges with the broader community. Furthermore, we offer access to information, advice, and guidance for everyday life in York, ensuring that our members thrive both within our society and in the local context.

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